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The Leonard Nimoy Interview

This story ran in Coagula Art Journal…I dunno when. Maybe 2003? I’ll have to check on that. Nonetheless, I never shoulda gotten this interview, but I did, and while I was prepped for it in some ways, in other critical … Continue reading

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How many lives can you pack into so few years?

It feels like I’ve lived a thousand different lives over the last 30 years. Nerd, kung-fu practitioner, art historian, curatorial assistant, journalist, teacher, poet, writer, painter, fire performer, HTML programmer, radio DJ, artist, musician, digital strategist, early adapter, geek, content … Continue reading

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Lowbrow, High Ticket: Variety Magazine

Lowbrow, High Ticket – Variety Profiling the man behind the hottest new art coming up from the underground, from his roots in a soap plant and Melrose gallery to his status as LA’s arbiter of cool.  

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