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Howdy there! Thank you for your interest in my work. This blog is by no means a complete accounting of all the articles, projects or events I have created, but I hope you’ll get an idea of what I do.

For a resume focused on my work as a writer, content producer, and product manager, click here: L.M. Knapp, Web Content Writer, Editor, and Content Management

For a resume that highlights the work I’ve done with social media, digital production, and project management, click here: Lucinda Michele Knapp, Creative Social Marketing, Branding and Project Management

For a very succinct list of folks I use as references, Please click here: LMKnapp-References

For an in-depth Bio, click here: L.M. Knapp-Bio Doc

I’m creative and organized, can move a project from a spark of an idea to completion and postmortem analysis, work well both within teams and as a self-starter, and can turn content and writing around on a dime. I also have more…”esoteric” skills such as fire-spinning, several years of intense study of kung fu, and a history of planning wacky public events (see below).

I have a unique ability to combine technical knowledge (SEO, HTML, CMS, metrics analysis, Dreamweaver, faceted search, Photoshop, metadata and more) with creative, irresistible content direction (skillful writing & editing; concepting killer campaigns; integrating brand messaging and content across digital platforms)  and can create presentations that translate “techspeak” into explanations the layperson can understand, and into hard data the management wants to know.

I’ve amassed this huge variety of experience behind me–both technical and creative–from a diverse background that spans many creative disciplines: just peek below.

Fine Art Teaching
Around age of 12, I began taking lessons in classical fine art–that would be oils, primarily, doing duplications of the Old Masters to learn their techniques and better master the art form; and within a few years the same teaching company brought me on board to instruct the younger students. I instructed children and young adults in the fundamentals of fine art technique for 13 years, focusing on the basics of representational drawing, charcoals, watercolor, pastels and oils.
Museum Work
I graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCLA with a BA in Art History and then went to work as a curatorial assistant in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, beginning what would be the first of my MANY projects utilizing content management systems. After two years I had committed the entirety of the Ancient and Islamic Art collection (over 6000 items) to digital memory in a searchable online archive available online to the public.
Writing & Journalism
I then shifted gears and began working as a journalist: my very first pitch to a local newsweekly netted me $350 and the confidence to continue working as a freelancer for several years. My articles appeared in publications as diverse as the LA Times to Out Magazine to Coagula Art Journal: food reviews, reviews of art shows at well-known local galleries, book reviews, arts and culture stories, and profiles of fascinating individuals. I even interviewed Leonard Nimoy in conjunction with an exhibit on self-portraiture at LACMA!
I also acted as a hired-gun compiling vast numbers of restaurant listings for Tribune (for their online culture hotspot, writing listings for over 200 local eateries. I also wrote event listings for, a hip online publication that provides listings of several cities’ coolest places, happenings, and people, publishing my articles to their site using their CMS.
At every place I’ve ever worked, my writing has been highly respected, and for this I am enormously grateful to every teacher I’ve ever had and every great author I’ve ever raptly read. Now at Home Depot, I have the honor of being their customer-facing writer and editor for their Home Decorator’s Collection on both print and web platforms.
Blogging & Mentoring
I had been privately blogging since 2000, but around 2004 I began blogging for, the local flagship of the Metroblogging network (on the WordPress platform): a global network of blogs which each chronicled the cities in which they were located. From Karachi to Baghdad to Hawaii and San Diego, the network enabled locals to tell their own stories in their own words about their own cities. I was shortly appointed “City Captain,” or local editor, of the LA blog. I brought onboard new writers I discovered among our regular commenters and among the PR writers who would send us press releases: I groomed these handpicked newly-minted bloggers as they grew as writers. Many now have their own blogs, have moved on to writing careers, and have even published books. I’m so proud of them all.
Event Production and Creative Community
In addition to fine art, journalism and blogging I’ve created funloving public events such as the “Hot Dog Death March,” a day-long tour of LA’s best-loved hot dog joints, and the “Donut Summit,” an annual event pitting everyone’s favorite local donut shop against one another. I publicized each event and we received coverage from the LA Times, the LA Weekly, and hat tips from many other local blogs. Each event was free and drew strangers from all quarters of the city together to share their passion for LA’s idiosyncratic food culture. I also spent a period of time writing event summaries for, a fantastic site that offers deals on local arts & culture entertainment.
Digital Content Production and Product Management
One of my former editors hired me on at Clear Channel Los Angeles in 2007 and what began as a job writing for a Clear Channel-produced online magazine focused on local culture quickly expanded into a role as Online Content Producer, where I was responsible for everything that went on on the websites for Clear Channel’s LA stations (local content only, not the generic content provided to us by National, which would be news, artist databases, etc). The entire home page and its sub-pages were my responsibility to keep fresh with new content and imagery daily. I also created special pages for client promotions & station promotions; and managed the online calendar.
Client-Facing Project Management & Sales Support
When I moved to Atlanta in 2012 to join my fiance, my supervisors at Clear Channel were supportive of my work and arranged a transfer within the company. I became responsible for all the digital ads that appear on all Clear Channel Atlanta’s sites–helping with brainstorming ideas, building workorders, supervising designers, coordinating Sales, Marketing, Designers & Developers; and using Google’s DFP product to post all the final-product ad creative (banners, rollovers, Flash ads) and advertorial portals (which combined the artwork of the graphic designers with my own writing).
SEO and Site Optimization
A stint at taught me invaluable skills in SEO/SEM, search theory, keywords, metadata, Google AdWords and AdSense, and customizing copy, metadata & images on small-business websites, working directly with clients and sales managers, so that spiders and crawlers could find keywords and keyphrases more easily.
Project Manager, Social Media: AT&T’s U-verse  |  Home Depot’s Home Decorator Collection  
What fantastic experiences! These contracting positions were so much fun and took a lot of great, intensely focused work.  My position as a Project Manager at AT&T had me working with creative agencies and vendors for internal stakeholders and clients to concept and fulfill daily social publishing as well as long-form social engagement campaigns, with the goal of increasing awareness, engagement, “likes” and clicks to AT&T properties. At Home Depot, I had the delightful privilege of returning to one of my first loves: writing. I crafted compelling customer-facing copy, designed to engage the customer and drive conversions.

So, let’s talk. What can I do for YOU?



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