Here’s What I Do.

Howdy there! Recently relocated to the LA area from Atlanta (I’m an LA native and it’s nice to be home). Here are my specialties:

• Newsroom Journalism and Blogging: Eye-grabbing heds & deks, delicious photos, minimalist pages, stop-&-stare ads, fun campaigns. Collaborating with designers for layouts and infographics. Blogging since 2001. Managing Editor of the LA Alternative Press; stories have appeared in Valley Life Magazine, Variety, the LA Times food and book review sections, USA Today, Whole Life Times and more.

• Digital Marketing: Implemented successful digital marketing campaigns for AT&T,, and Clear Channel Media + Entertainment/iHeartRadio. Directed creative agencies & vendors. Used new media best suited to the target audience. In-the-trenches understanding of marketing campaigns, direct response, web writing, keywords, SEO/SEM, metadata, social platforms, PPC and CPM campaigns, crowdsourcing, contesting, sponsorships, mobile, email, and viral. Management of email tools.

MyDigital Toolbelt” includes: HTML • CSS • copywriting & photoediting for web • CMS • Dreamweaver • MS Office including Powerpoint & Excel • Salesforce • community management • digital video • Photoshop • Adobe Omniture • Radian6 • SEO, SEM • metadata • AdWords • Basecamp • Google & Facebook analytics • web research • SAS marketing, metrics & social tools (Google’s DFP, Triton, Vitrue, Involver, Mailchimp, Wildfire, Vitrue, Hootsuite, Hipcricket & more) • eblasts, text, & social contesting • WordPress

• Digital Content Direction & Hands-On Production: Clearly communicating specs to designers & developers. Translating “geekspeak” so stakeholders have a clear understanding of what is being done to meet their needs. Hands-on creation of deliverables (writing copy, shooting/editing video & photos, uploading content to a CMS, building wireframes, web pages and reports). Use of analytics to refine messaging/targeting & increase conversion. Strategy for high-traffic websites, standalone campaign/product microsites, newsletters, social, sales & search tools. Mapping out smart solutions for clients and senior management.

• Social Media Management: Strategic social oversight. Engaging personally with fans & followers as voice of brand; modulating voice between brands; directing vendors & agencies who perform these tasks. Knowing when (and when not to) use YouTube, Vine, Facebook, Ello, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, etc). Passionate follower of social theory & tech futurism. Blogger since 2001. Maintaining brand voice across platforms. Use of analytics, publishing and monitoring tools.

• Project Management: Strategic planning—RFI to brief to postmortem. Delivering presentations to executive management & partners. Designing & overseeing workflows, avoiding scope creep, achieving buy-in from diverse stakeholders. I move fast, independently, & work with agile crossdepartmental teams.

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Digital Report & Guide for Clear Channel Atlanta’s Sales Department

While simultaneously being responsible for the fulfillment of all digital ad buys across our network (using Google’s DFP), I also worked with Clear Channel Atlanta’s designers and developers to revise their online portal that introduced sales clients to CCAtl’s features and offerings. This included wireframes, some graphic design, marketing copywriting for page content, vetting and requesting revisions from Design, generating reports that were then placed into the page, and using Dreamweaver to help build the site alongside the designers. Click the image to be transported to the still-live site.

Digital Portfolio

Digital Sales Portfolio


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Home Depot’s “Home Decorators Collection” Customer-Facing Copy

At Home Depot, they needed someone who could craft compelling, consistently unique copy for their Home Decorators Collection. Despite feeling a bit like Seinfeld’s Elaine writing for the J. Peterman catalog, I undertook the task–and had a LOT of fun writing rhapsodically about beautiful objects. Here is some of the output.

Click here to read some of my Home Decorators Copy.

Home Depot Home Decor

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Article: Valley Life Magazine: The Valley’s Most Romantic Restaurants

PDF located here:

For the Valentine’s Day-themed issue of Valley Life Magazine, I wrote a service piece listing the area’s most romantic restaurants…click the image below to enlarge.

Click to zoom.

Click to zoom.

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Social Media Project Management for AT&T

For AT&T’s U-verse, I liaised from AT&T, leading our creative agencies and vendors in the production of engaging social content. Below is a selection of posts for which I oversaw the production. They vary from sponsorship-promotions (Girl Meets World/Disney’s Aulani) to playful engagement-focused, share-bait posts (“postcards from TrueBlood”) to our own promotions (the Country Deep tour), on-location real time events (the AT&T Snack Truck), behind-the-scenes access (behind the scenes with Mark Cuban, David Robinson, etc), and other posts designed to build affinity (Happy Mother’s Day), engage and connect.

Click the image for it to appear in its own page; click it again to see the full size image.

Social Media: Facebook Engagement

AT&T U-verse Social Media: Facebook Engagement

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The Leonard Nimoy Interview

This story ran in Coagula Art Journal…I dunno when. Maybe 2003? I’ll have to check on that. Nonetheless, I never shoulda gotten this interview, but I did, and while I was prepped for it in some ways, in other critical ways I was not prepared at all. And I fully admit that. So, here is what happened.

Schooled By Spock
A Lesson In Humility

Leonard Nimoy has two faces.

The self-portrait is in black and white, taken with a two-second exposure. Stepping into the frame as the shutter clicks open, he turns his face to the side, inscribing a blur as his face moves from confronting the lens directly to looking askance, into the white glare of a solitary incandescent bulb.

The shutter clicks closed, leaving the two-faced image recorded for perpetuity.

When I arrive at Nimoy’s elegantly restrained Bel-Air modernist home, his assistant scoops up a yappy little white terrier and ushers me in kindly. She offers me coffee and the restroom. In there I notice the hand towels provided to guests are made of fabric, monogrammed with a single gold “N”—and disposable. Feeling suddenly very gauche, awkward and déclassé, I reluctantly drop my used towel into the trash.

I am a young woman unused to moving in the circles of the extraordinarily affluent. I’m most comfortable among…

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Totally Bitchin’ Press Release

Donut Summit JPG

Click to view.

I still have to find the one I created for my event “The Hot Dog Death March,” but here’s the one for the FIRST Donut Summit.

Note that this is NOT for the second annual event, Donut Summit 2: Electric Boogaloo.

I didn’t just write the press release. I created & orchestrated this event with the help of the bloggers at We got pre-event coverage in blogs, Los Angeles Magazine’s e-newsletter, Flavorpill, Thrillist, and LA Weekly. We also got a nifty post-event story in the LA Times. And we fed hundreds of people hundreds of donuts.


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