The Leonard Nimoy Interview

This story ran in Coagula Art Journal…I dunno when. Maybe 2003? I’ll have to check on that. Nonetheless, I never shoulda gotten this interview, but I did, and while I was prepped for it in some ways, in other critical ways I was not prepared at all. And I fully admit that. So, here is what happened.

Schooled By Spock
A Lesson In Humility

Leonard Nimoy has two faces.

The self-portrait is in black and white, taken with a two-second exposure. Stepping into the frame as the shutter clicks open, he turns his face to the side, inscribing a blur as his face moves from confronting the lens directly to looking askance, into the white glare of a solitary incandescent bulb.

The shutter clicks closed, leaving the two-faced image recorded for perpetuity.

When I arrive at Nimoy’s elegantly restrained Bel-Air modernist home, his assistant scoops up a yappy little white terrier and ushers me in kindly. She offers me coffee and the restroom. In there I notice the hand towels provided to guests are made of fabric, monogrammed with a single gold “N”—and disposable. Feeling suddenly very gauche, awkward and déclassé, I reluctantly drop my used towel into the trash.

I am a young woman unused to moving in the circles of the extraordinarily affluent. I’m most comfortable among…

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Totally Bitchin’ Press Release

Donut Summit JPG

Click to view.

I still have to find the one I created for my event “The Hot Dog Death March,” but here’s the one for the FIRST Donut Summit.

Note that this is NOT for the second annual event, Donut Summit 2: Electric Boogaloo.

I didn’t just write the press release. I created & orchestrated this event with the help of the bloggers at We got pre-event coverage in blogs, Los Angeles Magazine’s e-newsletter, Flavorpill, Thrillist, and LA Weekly. We also got a nifty post-event story in the LA Times. And we fed hundreds of people hundreds of donuts.


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“Disney’s Aulani Resort & Spa” Blog and Enter-to-Win Page

Click For PDF

Click For PDF

Disney’s Aulani Resort for KOST 103.5

This extensive, daily-reporting-from-location blog promoted Aulani, Disney’s newest “themed resort” in Hawaii.

Against the backdrop of Disney’s strict branding guidelines and requirements, I built this client’s entire site on Clear Channel’s own proprietary blogging tool, occasionally having to devise creative workarounds or hacks of the blogging software to create the layout our station management & Disney’s Promotions Department wanted.

My roles:

  • Creating the blog
  • Building the page graphics with Photoshop
  • Building the graphics & writing the copy that went on KOST’s home page to drive traffic to the blog
  • Editing and uploading the videos sent to us from location
  • Editing (and occasionally writing) the copy supplied by KOST-FM’s DJ who’d gone on the promotional tour
  • Using an enter-to-win script so radio listeners could enter a sweepstakes to win tickets to Aulani
  • Adding in promotional copy for the clients (Disney and Hawaiian Airlines)
  • Including a Facebook widget for regular updates
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Custom Client Portal / Microsite: Chateau Ste. Michelle Wine on

Click For PDF

Click For PDF

Custom Web Portal: Chateau Ste. Michelle This is a custom web portal for Clear Channel client Chateau Ste. Michelle Wineries (owners of Chateau Ste. Michelle, Columbia Crest, Domaine Ste. Michelle, Red Diamond, Snoqualmie, Spring Valley Vineyard, Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars (50% ownership), Stimson Estate Cellars, Villa Mt. Eden and more). I managed:

  • Wireframing pages
  • Working with our web design team to correctly build out the page and its modules
  • Using Dreamweaver to place all images, copy, links etc into the page template
  • Writing all copy, from introductory copy explaining the page, to informative copy regarding wine elements like tannins, oakiness, sweetness, etc; to researching and posting appropriate recipes to pair with the client’s wines, and more.
  • Editing the client’s own graphics so they displayed correctly on our pages (without adulterating their key art) and using to find images appropriate to the recipes
  • Creating home page graphics and copy to drive traffic to portal
  • Social integration: Including the client’s own Facebook feed in a side module

The page has since been redesigned and somewhat stripped-down in accordance with Clear Channel’s new website template, but the copy is the same and it can be read here (

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How many lives can you pack into so few years?

thamanylivesoflucindamichele.2It feels like I’ve lived a thousand different lives over the last 30 years. Nerd, kung-fu practitioner, art historian, curatorial assistant, journalist, teacher, poet, writer, painter, fire performer, HTML programmer, radio DJ, artist, musician, digital strategist, early adapter, geek, content producer, harmonica player, social media marketer, project manager, loud mime, best friend, loving daughter, promised wife. Wow. And it all started with a few art classes and taking a chance on a pirate radio station. Oh, and I’ve added some of my artwork and creative projects…click here.

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Social Media As Brand Ambassador and Engagement Tool

This is the Facebook page for AT&T’s U-verse. I oversaw the look of the page as well as the production of posts from internal client request, to agency/vendor, to management, to marketing, revision, legal approval, brand messaging concordance, and scheduling. I then followed up with metrics to determine the relative success of posts and campaigns. This process was also followed with respect to Twitter and Instagram.
Click to enlarge.

U-verse Facebook

Managed posts, tabs, paid promotion of posts via vendor, creative approvals and more, as well as pinpointing ways to improve the company’s publishing and social marketing process.

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Content Management Design, UX Design

These calendar systems are template-based and draw their content from a custom CMS built by the developers at Clear Channel Media & Entertainment. They’re quite clever, those developer guys. I myself am particularly proud of the calendars and their functionality. When I arrived at Clear Channel LA in 2007, no stations had online calendars; some had paltry article feeds of upcoming station events, but there was no system to categorize and display events in a searchable format. I worked with developer Daniel Thom to design the specs and requirements for a new calendar system powered by a custom php-mySQL database. I drew on knowledge from previous journalism jobs where I’d been responsible for online event calendars (Flavorpill, Tribune’s Metromix, Goldstar) and had developed a good idea of the kind of UX required for content-entry, as well as the most effective and useful ways of displaying information on the “front end.” This system was adopted by the entire Los Angeles cluster, and shortly thereafter, by all of Clear Channel nationally.

Click image to enlarge and link to view a PDF.
KOST 103.5fm Calendar
For these calendars, adopted by CC nationwide, I developed the specs, wireframes and UX requirements doc, and Clear Channel Lead Developer Daniel Thom programmed the mySQL database. We then integrated that database with both “front end” functionality for the public based on my experience with former CMS’s and UX design, and designed a “back end” easy-to-use form for employees to enter event content into the calendars, from images to links, polls, even iframes.
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